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March 20, 2018
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Mission Statement

My goal is to bring the virtually endless world of specialty film-going in Los Angeles right to your fingertips. This site covers revival, repertory, and special film events and the venues which house them. Whether your taste is classic Hollywood, documentary, avant-garde, foreign films, silent films, or cult classics ... FILMRADAR has it covered!

About the Creator, Karie Bible

(Written by R. Johnson)

Born a heterochromatic baby (put down the medical reference book—it means she’s got two different colored eyes) with the last name "Bible" on Halloween night, Karie was destined to be nothing if not unique. At the tender age of five she flipped on the family TV set, and her life was transformed.  Flickering in the darkness was the Horror Movie Matinee, featuring an old film you might have heard of in passing: Dracula, starring one Bela Lugosi. From that moment on her fate was sealed. She was helplessly, hopelessly, madly in love ... with movies. While other neighborhood girls played in the sandbox with their Barbie dolls, our heroine preferred to sit in her parents’ darkened living room and watch Frankenstein.

She created FILMRADAR as an e-newsletter and now a website to inform the masses about all of the great screenings available in Los Angeles. Karie justifies her madness as such: “I really don’t understand people who work in this business and don’t know anything about its past. To me that’s like being a baseball player and not knowing who Babe Ruth was. I think that having at least a basic knowledge of film history is absolutely vital. To me, you can’t really understand anything about filmmaking and storytelling in the present or the future without knowing about the past.”

In addition to her work in present-day Hollywood, she is also a budding film historian. She has lectured at LA’s Silent Movie Theatre, The Old Town Music Hall, and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where she has spoken about the life of silent film star Rudolph Valentino and appeared as the new “Lady in Black.” Karie also leads private tours of the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery and occasionally the Egyptian theatre as well. She is actively involved as a volunteer with the American Cinematheque and the Los Angeles Conservancy. She has attended the prestigious Silent Film Festival in San Francisco, the New York City Film Forum and the La Cin?math?que Fran?aise in Paris.  She also hosted and introduced films for The Art Deco Film Festival aboard the Queen Mary and at the Ahwahnee Art Deco event.

Karie made her television debut as a guest film critic on AMC’s THE MOVIE CLUB with John Ridley and appears in a segment called “Hollywood Hideaways” for Turner Classic Movies.  She has also been a guest panelist on G4/Tech TV’s “Attack of the Show” and has appeared on Retirement TV and Time Warner Cable as well.

In addition to the FILMRADAR project, Karie writes short stories and is developing ideas for a film history book. In her free time she can be found in her lovely 1940s bungalow enjoying her favorite pastime… sleep. You can e-mail her at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

About the Design

The FILMRADAR logo was designed by New York illustrator and performance artist A.V. Phibes. The typeface Saturday’s Girl is courtesy of Dinc Type.


FILMRADAR is not responsible for any changes or differences in programming, schedules, or admission prices at any of the theaters listed. As always, call ahead to confirm the information.

FilmRadar finds L.A.‘s special screenings


Moviefone,, with its dozens of Los Angeles-area listings for Daredevil and Old School, can bury smaller films in the bulk of its data. FILMRADAR helps locate them. Run by Karie Bible, it has a superb calendar of screenings in Los Angeles of historic movies, along with venue descriptions of all the quirky theaters in the vicinity. The site is somewhat searchable via a tiny link on the calendar page, but it is eminently browsable, and for film buffs who know when they want to see a movie, this is a great way to find out what the most non-blockbuster options are.

They Do It Better in L.A.


The people who live in Los Angeles are completely spoiled.  This will come as a huge shock, I’m sure, but I’m not referring to such usual La-La Land indulgences as valet dog walkers and nuclear-powered leaf blowers.

I’m thinking of, a website that is to film lovers what an unlocked candy store is to chocoholics.  It’s a labour of love by L.A. film historian Karie Bible, who has taken it upon herself to compile and post every one of the dozens of film-viewing choices available each week to residents of L.A. and environs.  She’s hoping one day to expand the concept to other cities, with movie-loving Toronto being high on her list.

“My goal is to bring the virtually endless world of specialty film-going in Los Angeles right to your fingertips,” Bible says by way of introduction.  “This site covers revival, repertory and special film events, and the venues which house them.  Whether your taste is classic Hollywood, documentary, avant-garde, foreign films, silent films or cult classics…..Film Radar has it covered!”  She’s not kidding.  Bible also has pages with essays contributed by fans of her site, including a piece on Darryl F. Zanuck’s rise to movie moguldom, plus her own interview with the likes of Scream scribe Kevin Williamson.

Bible runs FILMRADAR out of a small office at the back of her apartment near L.A.‘s Griffith Park, which is one of the most-filmed locations in Hollywood—everything from Birth of a Nation to Jurassic Park has been shot there.

FILMRADAR began as an e-newsletter that Bible sent “to 10 of my friends who work in the movie biz.”  The 10 friends started forwarding the newsletter to other friends, until it grew to a point where a permanent website made sense.  It was recently re-designed with its distinctive ray gun-toting space chick logo—a nice ironic touch.

“I was recently at a party and a junior agent came up to me and said that after seeing my Web site, he saw his first silent movie and loved it.  He said that it inspired him to see other kinds of films that are out there.  A week later I saw him at the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood.  He was there to watch Spanish films.  To me, the most satisfying part about doing the site is helping people to realize that there is a world of unique and amazing films out there just waiting to be discovered!”

The Top 100 Coolest Film Sites on the Web

Compiled by Charlie Black
FILMRADAR voted in Top 100!

FILMRADAR was mentioned on Aug. 28th in the calendar section for an article called “Thinking Outside the Box Office.”


“Screenings on Screen”

Back in film school, sometime last century, I had friends who would pick every rep theater calendar and sit for hours, carefully figuring out how to see the greatest range of films in the least time. Years later, at the old Los Angeles Reader - R.I.P. - I had a dream: I envisioned a list of all the special screenings, rep house, and one-shot film events, spread out in a calendar format, so that My People - i.e., obsessive film geeks - could see exactly what their options were for the whole week ... at a glance! And could circle them! And plan their itineraries in advance!

That was so Old Media.

The Internet changes everything; and Karie Bible at is able to present a much grander version of that old dream. I mean, you can view an entire month at a glance if you want. And of course, instead of making you turn pages back and forth between a calendar and an alphabetical listing of the titles (as in my dream), you can just click to get specifics. (Andy Klein)