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raymac Written by raymac
Aug. 4, 2009 | 5:41 AM

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August 3, 2009 (LOS ANGELES)—2009 Downtown Film Festival—Los Angeles feature film lineup offers an eclectic mix of narrative and documentary films—all Los Angeles, West Coast or world premieres—ranging in subject matter from a dark comedy about a junkie nurse who works the night shift at a convalescent hospital (“Boppin’ at the Glue Factory”) to the first documentary about the looming disaster of ocean acidification (“A Sea Change”).

Tickets for the films and entire schedule of film presentations at the 2009 festival, scheduled for August 12-22, are now available online via the festival’s website: All films in the feature line-up will be screened at the 500-seat AT&T Center Theater, at the corner of Olive and 12th St. in downtown L.A.‘s South Park district (two blocks from Staples Center and L.A. Live).

Other feature film presentation include the ramifications of a student filmmaker who announces his school project will be documenting his own death (“My Suicide”), a science experiment that goes awry with males experiencing the joys - and pains - of birth (“The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle”), a blind first-date with a dark ulterior motive (“Commit.”), an erotic drama with a distinctively sharp political edge (“Now & Later”), a surreal drama about a woman’s quest for personal liberation in Los Angeles and India (“Phantom Love”), and the story of a young man who only thinks he’s just ordering a cocktail at the favorite watering hole of two long-in-the-tooth barflies (“In The Drink”).

“The year’s feature film line-up reflects themes of personal discovery and societal angst - perhaps a sign of the times. How the individual films tackle these broad themes is wildly divergent, from illuminating nonfiction to dark comedies and unconventional dramas,” noted festival programming director Roger M. Mayer.

The festival’s 2009 feature film presentations are:

Boppin’ at the Glue Factory” (2009, USA, 81 minutes.) Director Jeffrey Jay Orgill, steps into the life of Eric LaBudde (Henry Dittman), a junkie nurse who finds himself caring for the old folks at the St. Joseph’s Convalescent Home. He strikes up an unlikely alliance with a surly jazz saxophonist Tharin Sanders (Conrad Roberts). This darkly humorous tale waxes on about growing old, dying, poor elderly care and the joys of narcotic abuse without ever sermonizing or proselytizing. Screens Sunday, August 16, 7:00 PM.

Commit.” (2007, USA, 90 minutes.) Director Mickey Blaine follows two strangers who meet at a coffee shop for what they thought was a blind date. Only to find out that as the conversation progresses, they figure out they have actually formed a suicide pact. Problems arise when the couple realizes that they may have finally found something worth living for. The two lead performances by Nicole Blaine and Forest Erickson are flawless. Screens Tuesday, August 18, 7:30 PM.

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle” (2009, USA, 98 minutes.) Director and writer David Russo tells the story of Dory (Marshall Allman), a confused young janitor at a product research firm who discovers a new religion in the form of experimental “self-warming” cookies that have very unusual side effects. The Seattle-based filmmaker paints a uniquely haunting, absurdist and comical world that is reminiscent of David Lynch, Guy Maddin, or Alejandro Jodorowsky. Screens Wednesday, August 19, 7:30 PM.

In the Drink” (2009, USA, 79 minutes.) Producer, Writer and Director Richard Sears tells the story of a bartender and a longtime customer as they struggle to keep their beloved dive bar from perishing in a modern world. A young hipster strolls in representing the potential downfall. To keep the dogs at bay, the two older men regale the youngster with three stories of tragic, darkly humorous and mythological proportions and have an added story as told by a gardener who walks in to get himself high as hell. The stories are wild, imaginative and just awkward enough to send the young man fleeing back into his world of Starbucks and Facebook. Screens Monday, August 17, 7:30 PM.

My Suicide” (2009, USA, 105 minutes.) A high school student (a showcase for the multi-talented Gabriel Sunday) sends shockwaves through his school after announcing to his film class that he is going to commit suicide on screen. What begins as a polemic about our oversaturated media culture turns into a deeply personal exploration into the fragility of teenage emotions. Screens Saturday, August 15, 7:00 PM.

Now & Later” (2009, USA, 97 minutes.) Bill is the former golden boy of the banking industry; now he is a fugitive running from a prison term. On the verge of suicide, he is taken in by Angela, a kind-hearted, free-spirited Latina whom he never would have encountered in his previous life. Filmmaker Philippe Diaz (“The Empire in Africa”) continues his revolutionary and politically-charged discourse by adding frank sexuality and its liberating potential. Screens Sunday, August 16, 9:15 PM.

Phantom Love” (2007, USA, 86 minutes.) A surreal drama about a woman trapped within an enmeshed family, and her slow process of personal liberation. Set in Los Angeles and Rishikesh, India, the film combines fairy-tale elements with brutal black and white photography to create a powerful testament about inner transformation. Filmmaker Nina Menkes creates a hauntingly fluid dream world that evokes the richness of Jean Cocteau and David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” Screens Saturday, August 15, 9:15 PM.

A Sea Change” (2009, USA, 86 minutes.) Imagine a world without fish: It’s actually a possibility if ocean chemistry continues to change. The first-ever documentary devoted to the phenomenon of ocean acidification; the film raises the appropriate red flags without being pedantic. Instead, we travel with one man on a journey as he attempts to discover what’s happening to his beloved seas-a search for his own generation’s salvation as well those that must follow. Screens Thursday, August 20, 7:30 PM.

The 2009 Downtown Film Festival—L.A. is presented by arts>Brookfield, AT& Center - Downtown Los Angeles, The GRAMMY Museum at L.A. Live, Geragos & Kabateck Enterprises, Nuvay Web Services and Rivera Restaurant.

For more information, visit the festival’s website:

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