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raymac Written by raymac
Jun. 24, 2014 | 10:41 PM

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A Chat About DUALITY

Duality The Movie

DUALITY is an upcoming short film about a man who is traveling between different universes against his will. Through his experiences and struggles the film looks at the power of choice and his inner and other conflict with dual realities. The short stars martial artist Jon Foo, Sarah Lynn Dawson, Don Most and is narrated by the legendary Deepak Chopra.

It is a film of immense beauty and power that doesn’t spoon feed a narrative to its audience but is structured in a way that allows each viewer to bring their own interpretation to the events.

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Director Emad Asfoury, Writer/Star Sarah Lynn Dawson and Executive Producer Peymaneh Rothstein to discuss the making of the film, it’s narrative complexity and working with Deepak Chopra. Watch the video (be sure to click the full screen [ ] icon) and you will get a chance to see what I am talking about in terms of the stunning visual poetry of this film.

The premiere date for Duality has not yet been established but I highly recommend that you see it when does come out. Follow them at for more information.

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