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Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
Jul. 3, 2007 | 2:41 PM

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A letter from Cherie Nowlan, director of INTRODUCING THE DWIGHTS

Film Radar Fans:

I first read Keith Thompson?s script for INTRODUCING THE DWIGHTS several years ago.  I didn?t expect was to connect with it as much as I did?I loved the humor and originality.  It?s a comedy about a mother, played by two-time Academy award nominee Brenda Blethyn, her two sons, and their adventures as they learn to grow up, fall in love and learn to let go. 

The opportunity to work with Brenda, whom Keith Thompson had originally written the part of Jean Dwight for, was very exciting.  I met her in Los Angeles - I think the meeting was as much for her to audition me as it was for me to confirm that she was in fact, Jean Dwight, which of course she was!

Much of the film is inspired by Keith Thompson?s childhood as the son of a performer.  His mother had a dance band in England and Keith would watch her perform and spend time in the clubs.  Brenda?s character, Jean Dwight, plays the clubs of Sydney with an often bawdy and sometimes caustic act ? something only Brenda could pull off with such humor ? and poignancy. 

We shot Brenda?s performances at Sydney clubs, often with hundreds of extras.  One extra approached Brenda, insisting that she?d seen Brenda performing her routine at a club in Melbourne.  Brenda assured her that she couldn?t have as she?s not actually a stand up comic, but an actor?to which the extra replied, ?Oh, don?t put yourself down, love.? 

Brenda even had the opportunity to record a song for the film, something she?s secretly dreamt of doing her entire career.  I won?t give you anymore details as the film ends with her performing the song ? you?ll have to come see the film to hear her!

All my best,

Cherie Nowlan

Opening July 4th in select theatres.  Watch the trailer and check out the official website!

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