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Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
Nov. 4, 2009 | 5:07 PM

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An Interview with Kyle Alvarez, director of EASIER WITH PRACTICE (AFI Festival)

When/Where did your interest in film originate?

My interest definitely started when I was a young kid. I wasn’t one of those filmmakers that was making movies in their backyards, but I was always watching movies. I definitely spent most of my teenage years educating myself in film history and just watching a ton of movies.

What are some films that inspired you?

I definitely have some of my favorites, like 2001 and Vertigo, but when I went to go see this film Brick a couple years ago, it was the first time I felt ‘I should just go do this on my own’. That was definitely the inspiration for me to stop talking about doing it and actually go and take the first steps to getting this film made.

When did you realize you wanted to be a filmmaker?

I remember, it was the first time I saw Psycho. I was way too young and impressionable to be watching it and it scared the shit out of me. But I loved it. It was the first time I realized how a movie could go about manipulating you into how it wanted you to feel. Once I was aware of the director and his presence in a film, I was hooked on the thought of becoming one myself.

What inspired you to do this film?

It was based on an original article from GQ magazine that I just immediately fell in love with. I was looking for something to make my first film out of and when I read it I just knew it was the right story and the right voice, something I wanted to try and capture on screen.

How did you garner financing?

I did it entirely on my own. It was about a year and a half of really hard work taking the business plan and script out there and trying to convince individual investors to help me get it made. Granted, this was before the economic collapse, it would be even harder today finance!

How did you go about casting?

It was pretty traditional, we worked with great casting directors who brought in a ton of people. However, once I started writing the script I just started a list of all the actors out there that interested me and that I would maybe want to work with. Brian, who eventually starred in the film, was one of the first names I wrote down!

What was the biggest challenge in getting the film made?  screened?

The biggest challenge in getting it made was definitely the financing. Once that was set, there were certainly more difficulties in getting the film going, but the hardest and most burdensome step was out of the way. Getting it screened for the first time was also a challenge. Our premiere was at the CineVegas Film Festival and Mike and Trevor there were the first guys to stick their neck out for the movie and program it. Once they did, other festivals fell into place.

What is next for you?

Well I’m working hard on getting the film distributed, we should be in theaters early next year and then on DVD shortly thereafter. Otherwise, I’ve got about a handful of projects I’m trying to get going. One is already a finished script and then a few others are material I’m working on optioning!

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