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Mary Mallory Written by Mary Mallory
Jul. 10, 2013 | 2:18 PM

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By Mary Mallory

The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum saluted silent films, both old and new, during its 16th Annual Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival June 28-30, 2013, at the lovely 1913 Edison Theater in Niles, California. Dedicated to preserving the art of silent films, the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum presents weekly screenings of silent motion pictures, along with its yearly festival.

This year’s fest, entitled, “For the Love of Film, Then…And Now,” presented both 100-year-old moving pictures as well as a contemporary silent produced this year, motion pictures featuring behind-the-scenes filmmaking and locations, all reveling in the joy of film.

Ukulele chanteuse Janet Klein opened proceedings Friday night with a few original period songs celebrating attending motion pictures, followed by the 1913 “Billy McGrath on Broadway,” a parody of theatrical melodramas, and by the premiere screening of the Museum’s 2013 two-reeler, “Broncho Billy and the Bandit’s Secret.”  A loving homage to Essanay’s Broncho Billy westerns filmed in Niles, employing black and white film and silent movie cameras, “Broncho Billy and the Bandit’s Secret” featured a motley crew of roughnecks robbing a train, with the law in pursuit. Local sites around Niles, including the Museum’s Edison Theater, stood in as film sets, and many town locals portrayed the movie’s characters. Diana Sera Cary, originally the silent film star Baby Peggy, even makes a cameo appearance. Director David Kiehn captures some beautiful shots of Niles Canyon with the simple lens of the century old cameras.

After a short intermission, Marion Davies’ entertaining 1928 MGM film, “Show People” screened, telling the story of a small town girl coming to Hollywood hoping to win fame in motion pictures. “Show People” contrasts a lowly comedy company churning out slapstick chucklers with a snooty high drama studio lensing melodramas, employing real locations like the old Sennett Studio in Edendale, MGM’s main entrance and studio in Culver City, and Hollywood Blvd. buildings to capture the freewheeling atmosphere of early Hollywood. Director King Vidor throws in such amusing touches as a clip from his own film, “Bardelys the Magnificent,” his own mini cameo, Davies’ making fun of herself, and Charles Chaplin playing himself, to knowingly wink at movie conventions.

Saturday, June 29, featured an eclectic array of programs, ranging from historic to esoteric. Author Gary Lee Parks spoke on classic San Francisco Bay area theatres to open the day, followed by a screening of avant-garde European animation. Professor Russell Merritt introduced the thoughtful program that included the 1892 French animated cartoon, “Pauvre Pierrot,” and the odd but hilarious 1912 Russian stop-motion animated film, “The Cameraman’s Revenge,” in which stuffed grasshoppers, beatles, and crickets act out a story of infidelity, all captured on film by a wily cameraman. Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 ground-breaking film, “The Adventures of Prince Achmed,” concluded the program, featuring beautifully designed silhouette puppets to present a romantic Arabian Nights fantasy.
The Festival highlighted the 1913 construction of Essanay’s big glass film studio on Niles Blvd. by playing six Broncho Billy film shorts, featuring studio founder G. M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson and other western regulars like Harry Todd, Fred Church, Brinsley Shaw, Evelyn Selbie, True Boardman, and Victor Potel filming in and around the studio and Niles.

That evening, the Festival screened the 1913 Essanay “Sophie’s Hero” as a teaser for the 1921 Charles “Chic” Sale film, “His Nibs,” directed by the up-and-coming director Gregory La Cava, and featuring an early screen appearance by movie flapper Colleen Moore.  Sale plays seven roles in the film within a film, projectionist “His Nibs,” and other assorted local townspeople, who come to a small village’s woebegone moviehouse to catch the latest flicker, “He Fooled Them All,” a comedy about scammers. Ahead of its time, the film teasingly comments on itself, and moviemaking, as it ironically plays off filmmaking conventions and characters.

Sunday, June 30, featured educational programs highlighting Niles, silent stunts, and Los Angeles movie locations. Niles Essanay Board members opened the day by leading an informative walking tour of Niles, pointing out historic homes and buildings along with filming locations of Essanay motion pictures, both old and new. Niles is the perfect example of adaptive reuse of historic buildings, as the town moved them to new locations rather than destroying them to build larger structures.

A 2011 entertaining documentary called “Stunt Love,” revealing the lives and careers of railroad serial stars Helen Holmes and J. P. McGowan followed, combining creative means of telling the story along with vintage film stills and movie clips. Author Diana Sera Cary, the celebrated silent film star Baby Peggy, and historian Bob Birchard discussed stuntwork in silent films, moderated by museum board member, Sprague Anderson.

Before the screening of the 1924 Buster Keaton film, “Sherlock, Jr.,” author/historian John Bengtson gave a fascinating multi-media presentation overlaying studio images and historic location shots with contemporary photographs of Hollywood and Los Angeles, providing video archaelogy of 1920s filmmaking sleight-of-hand. His in-depth dissection of filming locations reveals how filmmakers unknowingly captured the actual representation of historic Hollywood as it once was.

The Festival concluded with Keaton’s rollicking film, “Sherlock, Jr.,” another inventive meta-story featuring a film within a film, blending amazing visual tricks, sight gags, and physical stunts, showing how moviegoers view and interpret film images and stories. Keaton plays a local movie theater projectionist who aspires to become a famous detective, and dreams himself into the movie he is projecting. Through the innovative fantasy sequence, Keaton becomes a world famous detective and gets the girl, thanks to wild action stunts and visual magic.

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum’s 2013 “For the Love of Film, Then…And Now” Festival beautifully honored the art of silent filmmaking and filmgoing, revealing how these precious images still speak to us about the wonders of making and watching films.

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