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raymac Written by raymac
Oct. 24, 2012 | 6:41 PM

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Desert Noir 3D

Desert Noir 3D

A screening of classic and contemporary “Desert Noir 3D” films,
Inferno 3D (1953) and Dark Country 3D (2009), sponsored by the LA3D
Club, will take place at the Downtown Independent Theater on Sunday
October 28 at 7pm.  On hand to introduce the films will be the “Czar
of Noir,” Eddie Muller, founder of the Film Noir Foundation, and
Thomas Jane, director and star of Dark Country 3D.  Jane will also be
doing a book signing at 5pm at the theater for his new graphic novel
publication of Dark Country, with art by Thomas Ott.

Inferno 3D is the only 1950s 3D film produced by 20th Century Fox
studio.  Presented here for the first time in a brand new digital
restoration by film historian Daniel Symmes, Inferno makes striking
use of 3D in telling the tale of a treacherous wife (Rhonda Fleming)
who leaves her millionaire husband (Robert Ryan) in the Mojave Desert
to die.

Dark Country, released by Sony Pictures/Stage Six in 2009, is a 3D
horror/noir thriller starring Thomas Jane, Lauren German and Ron
“Hellboy” Perlman. About Dark Country 3D, Muller has written that “the
movie is a delirious dream of the dark pulpy stuff we loved as
kids—and always will.”  The evening of this big Desert Noir 3D double
bill will also feature a display of historic 1950s 3D promotional
materials in the lobby of the Downtown Independent Theater and a Q&A
between Muller and Jane before the screening of Dark Country 3D.

The Downtown Independent Theater is located at 251 South Main St., Los
Angeles, CA 90012.

More info about this screening and other LA3D Club screenings is at:

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