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James J  Cremin Written by James J Cremin
Oct. 25, 2008 | 11:37 AM

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F Scott and Zelma Fitzgerald Museum

There are writers that personify an age just as much as a performer.  That’s why I begin this article with F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda who have been honored to have a museum in their honor.  His writing was terse and very much in the vernacular of his time.  Calling a friend “old man” got even hard to say without a straight face in the sound thirties films.

Bob Dylan scornfully yells “You’ve read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book.  You’re very well read, that’s well known.”  Andy Kaufman read “The Great Gatzby” to bored audiences who got the whole book read to them instead of a comedy routine.  Somewhat mutes what the book is supposed to remembered for, a rich man tries to recapture a love that he never had to begin with.

Ironically, Fitzgerald who also wrote The Last Tycoon and several others did not have success in Hollywood. Still, he fascinates.

The Fitzgeralds stayed here briefly.  Here he wrote Tender Is the Night while she wrote her only book Save Me the Waltz.  The years were 1931-1932.

The museum is located in Montgomery, Alabama and has received high ratings for bringing back one of the top celebrity couples of the jazz age.

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