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raymac Written by raymac
Aug. 20, 2011 | 9:57 AM

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Hollywood August 19, 2011—The 7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival wrapped last night with a standing room only awards ceremony at the Geisha House in Hollywood live-streamed courtesy of Dyal Productions and hosted by Actress Sheila Shah. Audience choice winners from each program will be announced later this weekend. The HollyShorts Best Overall Short Film prize, which took home a $10,000 in post production and finishing services package from Company 3, went to “Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room” by Mike Le Han. The HollyShorts Best Director Award which wins a $10,000 post production and finishing services package from Company 3, went to Christian Swegal, Director of “Stasis.” Below please find the list of the announced winners.

Click on the links to learn more about each of these outstanding films.

*              Best Short Film Shot in Los Angeles-”John Doe”-Melissa Ciampa

*              Best Student Short Film-”Goldenbox” by Matt MacDonald

*              Showbiz Store and Caf? Future Filmmaker Award-Jacob Chase, “Patient Zero

*              Best Webisode- “CLUBSCENE: The Bartender” by Adriano Valentini

*              Best International- “ColourBleed” by Peter Szewczyk

*              Best Family-”Me and The Chef

*              Best Horror- “Nowhere Road” by Benjamin Dynice

*              Best Narrative- “Augenblicke” by Martin Bargiel

*              Best Documentary-”The Vacuum Kid” by Katherine Mahalic

*              Best Cinematography-”Dissection of a Storm” by Julio Soto

*              Best Drama-”Sold” by John Irwin

*              Best Comedy-”Bear Force One” by Andy Mogren

*              Best Editing and VFX-”Stasis” by Christian Swegal

*              Best Actor-David Dastmalchian-”Double Black

*              Best Actress- Grace Huang “Blood Traffic

*              Best Animation-”Photographs” by Brendan Clogher

*              Best Music/Sound-”Sugartown” by JT Mollner

*              Honorable Mention-”5 Second Short Films

*              Honorable Mention-”Pillow Talk

*              Best Commercial-“Levi’s Post-Mortem” By Ezra Stanley

*              Best Music Video-WhoMadeWho “Every Minute Alone” by William Stahl

*              Best Director-Christian Swegal, Director of “Stasis

*              Best Short Film- “Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room” by Mike Le Han

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