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Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
Aug. 6, 2008 | 8:01 PM

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Hollyshorts Filmmaker Interview: COLLECTOR

An Interview with Dempsey Tillman, writer/director of Collector

What is your short film about?

Here’s a brief synopsis:
Justin Sayer (Brad Renfro) suffers from a mental illness which causes vivid hallucinations. The voices in his head have caused him to isolate himself from the world and from his two year old son. After several unsuccessful attempts by visiting therapist to cure him, Justin attempts to hide his illness from a new therapist.

How did you get the idea?

The idea just popped into my head one evening while driving home from work.  That night when I went to sleep, one particular image kept replaying it self over and over in my dream.  So I decided to work out my thoughts on paper and this story is what materialized.

What are some of the films and filmmakers that inspire you?

There are so many films out there that I have enjoyed over the years from Weird Science to Apocalypto.  There have been so many films and filmmakers that have inspired me.  Sam Raimi has been a great inspiration for me as well as Peter Berg, Robert Redford and Robert Rodriguez.  I’ve learned so much from watching them make films.

What made you originally want to get into film?

An inner desire.  When I first starting shooting and editing things together as a kid there was something I felt inside that just seemed right.  It takes you to a place of focus where everything seems heightened and alive and at the same time calm and in harmony.

What was the most challenging thing about making your short?

The script.  Writing the script.  It has to be as tight as you can make it.

How did you go about selecting your cast?

I had a few people in mind to play the lead but of course none of them panned out.  My lead actor Brad Renfro was a gift.  A mutual friend gave Brad the script.  Brad read it, liked it and wanted to come by and talk to me about it.  The other actor, Matthew Boylan, who portrays “collector”, his reel was given to me and the rest was history.

What do you hope your short film achieves?

I want it to land me a job directing another film here in Los Angeles.  Quickly!

What is your next project?

My short Collector is a small part of a larger already written screenplay.  Polish, polish, polish.  I hope to continue to build up my festival resume, win some festival awards and get the feature made.

COLLECTOR screens on Saturday, August 9th as part of Show Program #3 which starts at 4:35 PM. Order tickets at Special weekend pass is available for $40 or day passes for $20. Use promo code:  hsffESFPZ

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