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Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
May. 16, 2011 | 4:28 PM

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Interview with Director Marina Amati of CHALK

During an elite training camp, two teenage gymnasts learn to find the delicate balance between friendship and rivalry.  This short film will be playing in competition at the LA Film Festival on Thursday, June 23rd at 9:45pm (Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 9) and on Saturday, June 25th at 1:10pm (Downtown Independent).  Click here to purchase tickets.

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How did you first become interested in film?
Francesco Leonetti (who was my tutor at school) and The Voice of The Crow in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Uccellacci e Uccelini opened my eyes to this world.

How did you get started as a filmmaker?
I started out by drawing images, characters and scenes.

What films and/or filmmakers have influenced you?
I remember loving Francois Truffaut’s The 400 Blows.

What inspired the idea for your short film?
A short story by Italian novelist Ilaria Bernardini (and co-writer of Chalk) inspired the world of gymnastics. My personal memories as a young girl going away for the weekend with my best friend stirred the theme of the story.

How did you get the funding?
I won a public scheme in the UK. Film 4 primarily supported the film.

How long did it take to get made?
It took me almost 2 years from the first selection process until the delivery of the film.  The development and selection process of this scheme was particularly long.  I postponed the shooting twice (working with gymnasts’ schedule and bones fractures proved rather challenging…). There were moments when I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the film.  I worked on another short in the mean time which screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year.

How have you gone about getting the film seen by audiences?
Film Festivals are the best platform to screen short films.

What are your goals and upcoming projects for the future?
I am making a documentary about a group of Polish and Romanian homeless people in London and I hope people will see it.

*Stay tuned as we have many more filmmaker interview ahead in the coming weeks.

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  1. Where can i watch this short film?

    Posted by Katie on 02/24 at 12:31 PM