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James J  Cremin Written by James J Cremin
Oct. 15, 2008 | 7:14 AM

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Love Story (1932) An early Bogart as romantic lead

Recently, Columbia Pictures unearthed early talkies that have been shown at UCLA.  Monday, October 13, 2008, at the James Bridges Theatre, there was a screening of LOVE STORY.  This programmer clocked in at just over an hour.  Dorothy Mackaill received toptbilling.  She enjoyed a brief career in the late twenties and early thirties before comfortably in Hawaii.

Second billed and cast as an aviator and inventor was Humphrey Bogart.  At this point of his career, he was stage actor with limited success at Warner Brothers, which would be his home studio.  He was given a chance here to be a Charles Lindbergh type, just unlike what his screen persona would be.

This film falls into the pre-code category.  There’s a Hale Hardy who plays a sugar daddy to Bogart’s kid sister who gets tricked in a scheme to be a big star.

I’ll be brief as the film was brief, really just a programmer.  Highly improbable and without Bogart, quite forgetable, this nevertheless showcases what did pass for light entertainment in the early thirties.

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