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James J  Cremin Written by James J Cremin
Apr. 15, 2008 | 8:46 AM

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Then She Found Me

Actually, it’s very unlikely if “Then She Found Me” will take in the bucks that a new James Bond or Indiana Jones movie might do.  But I just saw an advanced screening last night through Film Independent with Hunt present for q and a.  I must say I was extremely satisfied.  A chick flick this is, but it’s a masterful one and I highly recommend it.  Gestating for ten years, she took the plunge as co-producer, co-writer, played the lead character and made her directorial feature debut of this tale of broken trusts and betrayals.

I will do my best not to reveal any spoilers as there are many surprises here and probably best seen without even seeing the trailer.  I will say there’s a strong Jewish theme that the novel this was based on had and Hunt saw no reason to change that.  In fact, atonement is very big in the Jewish faith.  It starts off with her getting married to Matthew Broderick and we quickly find out that he’s totally pathetic and selfish.

Hunt gets outstanding performances from Colin Firth and Bette Midler whose own characters have their own baggage that Hunt’s character is forced to deal with.  That in itself is what makes “Then She Found Me” so refreshing.  We human beings are so imperfectly perfect and the issues the players here play with are quite believable.  On top of everything else, Helen Hunt’s character has a baby time clock and she’s no longer a spring chicken.

As an actress, she is as good as she was in “As Good As It Gets”.  Actually, there is some “borrowed” dialog towards the ending from that, but that’s a moot point.  It’s perfectly acceptable to repeat what one has done before especially if it was done well.  How many times has Woody Allen copied himself and seems to get more self centered each time?  With this film, Helen Hunt has proven a woman can also make an excellent film of fractured relationships, a genre he did help invent.

In closing, I do hope this film gets the attention it deserves.  Like a lot of geeks, I sit through a lot of films and most disappoint or I find myself looking at my watch.  Not so with this one, I found this to be very insightful and entertaining.

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