See films directed by women in L.A.

In the summer of 2017, I attended opening night of the new independent film “Wakefield” starring Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner. The writer / director Robin Swicord on hand for Q&A after the film. Much to my dismay, there was not a large audience. There should have been. On the way home I decided to […]

Current Exhibitions

There are several film related exhibitions happening all over town that you won’t want to miss. Now through December 31st, 2018 Michael Childers: Starstruck – A Life Behind the Lens The Margaret Herrick Library presents an exhibition of photographs by the celebrity portrait photographer Michael Childers. The show, “MICHAEL CHILDERS: STARSTRUCK – A Life Behind […]

Flashback: My Trip to the Academy Awards

I have a very good friend who works at the Academy and each year she gets to attend the Academy Awards with a guest. She has been rotating the honor amongst her friends and this year she invited me!!! It was a once in a lifetime chance that I couldn’t pass up. The first major […]

Film Museums

A few years ago, I took a little road trip with my parents to Harlem, Georgia to visit the Laurel and Hardy Museum.  I’ll post my photos in a few days.  It was a fun experience and it got me to wondering what other film museums might be out there.  After doing numerous google searches, […]

Lost Films I Long For

I was speaking one day to an elderly man who used the phrase, “You can’t miss something you never had.” With all due respect to him, I beg to differ. I miss plenty of things in life I’ve never had. In particular I miss lots of films I’ve never seen. I was combing through an […]

“Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies”

If Mary Pickford is known today outside of film fan circles, it is merely as “The girl with the golden curls” or “America’s Sweetheart”. Behind her delicate beauty, Pickford was a woman with razor sharp business acumen who rose to become one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood. She wrote, produced and starred in […]

Discovering Dorothy Dandridge

CARMEN JONES (1954) Directed by Otto Preminger I’ve always wanted to see this film so I’m glad the big screen opportunity came my way. I had never seen a Dorothy Dandridge film before and I am just absolutely amazed! She radiates heat, sexuality, energy and passion in every frame of the film. She owns it […]

The elegant Vincent Price

As a youngster I quickly realized I wasn’t anything like the other children. Instead of playing outdoors with Barbie dolls, I preferred to sit inside a dark living room and watch the weekly “horror movie matinee” on channel 21. In my spare time I poured over books with crisp black and white photos of Bela […]

Cinema adventures in Paris

I’ve always been fascinated by Paris France.  For ages I’ve longed to travel the world and Paris was the first place on my list.  I have been there twice and I am already longing to go back.  I love the historic architecture, the rich history, the excellent food and of course the cinema!  The French […]