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Greenhouse Studios presents Malachi IX, American Hate, and Dead Recon
Posted: 21 July 2011 01:20 PM   [ Ignore ]
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If you are a true fan of horror, you need to check out these three projects by Greenhouse Studio’s (@GHStudiosLLC)!

The first is a supernatural tv drama entitled “Malachi IX,” about a burned out alcoholic priest with his own demons battling with his vows to his faith as he continues his church sanctioned death missions as a vampire assassin.

The second is Greenhouse Studio’s “American Hate,” about an Award winning author, poet, and notorious serial killer, Ezra Jacobs who is on death row for his infamous party massacre murders and is awaiting his sentence in a few hours. After being tight lip for many years as to the reason behind his murderous rage, Ezra is ready to tell America in a final interview his side of the story.

The third is “Dead Recon,” a gritty action film about a group of Marines who are sent on a suicide mission to find a POW camp in North
Vietnam, overrun by rage infected VC. For more information, you can visit

All three will be exciting to watch when they come out. For more information, visit us at