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STUDY - The Movie - London Screenings (Free Entry)
Posted: 23 March 2014 06:58 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Attend the screenings of cult independent film ‘Study” around London (free entry).

Distribution companies, film critics and filmgoers are all invited!

Distinguished by a profound cinematic individualism, Study was made on an extremely low budget and was entirely shot by director and leading actor Paolo Benetazzo without any film crew. Many scenes were filmed with no one behind the camera. Since its premiere, the film has developed a cult following among fans and audience: 16k fans on Facebook, 16k followers on Twitter. Study is now screening at film festivals worldwide.

Study is a psychological thriller drama film, which follows a psychology student in the last week before his final exam, discovering his life and exploring his mind. Starting on Monday, the student tries to study surrounded by his past and his present, obsessed by the concept of life and death, and tortured by the eternal struggle between science and religion. As the days go by, unexpected characters and situations interfere with the student, turning what was meant to be a regular week of study into a complete nightmare.

Check Facebook page for April 2014 screenings:
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