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0S & 1S


Thursday, September 20th at 9:40PM.

0S & 1S

"0s & 1s may be the ultimate has-to-be-seen-more-than-once movie."- Neil Genzlinger, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"A riot of pop-up screens that ape everything from Facebook to first-person shooters, Kotlyarenko's film makes visible the invisible presence that defines our everyday social encounters." - Andrew Schenker, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"Has a compulsive ADD vibrancy to it...a completely inventive narrative technique." - Jonah Green, THE HUFFINGTON POST

Tapping into our familiarity with the language of the digital age (IM chats, widgets, virus warnings), 0S & 1S tells the deceptively simple, highly energetic story of James Pongo (Morgan Krantz) and his Computer. Pongo's got a cushy job, a busy social life, and an alluring love interest all coming at him right through his portable devices. When he wakes up after a night of partying to discover his laptop is missing, Pongo's hyper-connected reality takes a nosedive. Now he must do everything in his power to figure out who stole his livelihood and get his life back. Featuring the music of No Age, Ariel Pink, Wavves, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda and many more great LA bands.

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