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Saturday, January 31 – Saturday, February 21
The Archive’s annual Celebration of Iranian Cinema returns and our program this year is as eclectic and diverse as ever. This year’s offerings include six new features from Iran and the Diaspora, as well as compelling new documentary and short works on film and video. In addition, we hope to welcome several guests to present and discuss their work in person.

Please check for updates on in-person guests for this program.

Saturday, January 31st at 7:30 p.m.

LONELY TUNES OF TEHRAN (Taraneh Tanhaiye Tehran) Iran/France, 2008
PROD/DIR/SCR: Saman Salour.
This bittersweet comedy centers on a mismatched pair of cousins—the combative Hamid and his cousin Behrooz, a nerve-shattered war vet—who eke out a living installing illegal satellite dishes in Tehran. Director Saman Salour strikes a perfect balance between the poignant and the absurd as Hamid and Behrooz bring the world via satellite to their wealthy customers and find their own dreams forever out of reach. DigiBeta, in Persian with English subtitles, 75 min.

Monday, February 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

DIR: Rouhollah Hejazi.
At a checkpoint on the Iran-Iraq border, 16-year-old Malek earns extra money pushing luggage for tourists and religious pilgrims. When he innocently woos a young woman who crosses frequently, Malek finds himself caught up in a criminal conspiracy spanning both countries. For this genre-bending teen romance-come-international thriller, director Hejazi won best debut feature at the Fajr Film Festival. 35mm, in Persian and Arabic with English subtitles, 83 min.

Sunday, February 8th at 7 p.m.

A LIGHT IN THE FOG (Cheraghi dar meh) 2008
DIR/EDIT: Panahbarkhoda Rezaee.
In a mountain village, Rana cares for her ailing father while waiting against hope for the return of her husband who disappeared years before in the Iran-Iraq War. When a local bachelor proposes marriage, Rana must finally confront the depth of her grief. Marked by stunning compositions of fog-shrouded rural landscapes and a meditative pace, A Light in the Fog is a poetic exploration of solitude and loss. 35mm, in Persian with English subtitles, 75 min.

Tuesday, February 10th at 7 p.m./ Free admission!
•note special early time

WOMEN IN SHROUD Iran/Canada, 2009
DIR: Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kazemi.
This documentary film, directed by Farid Haerinejad and Mohammad Reza Kazemi, follows a dedicated group of Iranian lawyers and activists working together to counter the injustice of the death penalty. The screening is a part of the Sundance Works in Progress series, which provides an opportunity for filmmakers and viewers to explore the creative process and examine the issues addressed in the film. Beta SX, in Persian with English subtitles, 70 min.

*FREE Admission!

Friday, February 13th at 7:30 p.m.

THE SONG OF SPARROWS (Avaz-e gonjeshk-ha) 2008
PROD/DIR: Majid Majidi.
After Karim loses his job as an ostrich farmer, a twist of fate finds him making more money as a taxi driver in the big city. However, what at first appears to be a blessing becomes something considerably more ambiguous as this once simple, loving family man becomes obsessed with acquiring material things. Master director Majid Majidi tells this allegorical tale with subtlety, humor and effortless grace. 35mm, 96 min.

Sunday, February 15th at 7 p.m.

7 BLIND WOMEN FILMMAKERS (7 Filmsaze Zan-E Nabina) 2008
This extraordinary omnibus film presents seven shorts made by a group of blind women who each participated in a yearlong filmmaking workshop initiated by director Mohammad Shirvani. Each short opens an intensely intimate window on the everyday experience of the blind while the collection as a whole raises fascinating questions about the nature of cinema itself. BetaSP, in Persian with English subtitles, 116 min.

Friday, February 20th at 7:30 p.m.

3 WOMEN (Se Zan) 2008
PROD/DIR: Manijeh Hekmat.
Six years after her controversial debut feature, Women’s Prison, director Manijeh Hekmat returns with a powerful story about three generations of Iranian women—a mother, grandmother and granddaughter—each on their own search for meaning. Hekmat weaves personal histories and national heritage together with warmth and tenderness, while Niki Karimi delivers a mesmerizing performance as a museum conservator caught between the demands of work and family. 35mm, in Persian with English subtitles, 94 min.

Saturday, February 21st at 7:30 p.m.

Join us for an eclectic program of short narrative and non-fiction works on film and video. Please check our website for a complete listing of films, descriptions and the program’s running order.

Total running time of films: approx. 80 min.



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