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2011 Hola Mexico Film Festival


May 19th - 25th

2011 Hola Mexico Film Festival

Welcome to the 3rd annual Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles. Nowadays, MEXICO IS A PLACE LIKE THE MOVIES and we invite you to see it at the Hola Mexico Film Festival through its documentaries, comedies and grand dramas. The festival paints a reality seen through the eyes of our film directors.

This 2011, the festival has made great changes to give you a better experience. Our new venue, the Montalban Theatre will become the Temple of Mexican Cinema, where your experience will go beyond the movies and into the land of Tequila, Beer, and Mexican food. Our festival handpicked 12 of the finest Mexican films produced in recent months. The Mexican film industry has grown on huge steps in recent years and the Hola Mexico Film Festival is a space to showcase such advancements.

The festival invites the films’ directors and actors to present their films and have Q & A’s after the screenings.

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