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All films from Iran and in Persian with English subtitles, unless otherwise noted.

Friday February 5th at 7:30PM

HEIRAN (2009) Directed by Shalizeh Arefpour
When Iranian high school student Mahi falls for Heiran, a poor, gallant Afghani refugee, her horrified parents beg her not to ruin her life with the boy. Love has its way until the warnings come true, and love struck Mahi finds herself entangled in an epic story of immigrant woe. Documentarian Shailzeh Arefpour perfectly balances issues and emotions in this moving first feature. 35mm, 86 min.

Saturday February 6th at 7:30PM

NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS (2009) Directed by Bahman Ghobadi
Bahman Ghobadi (Turtles Can Fly, shown in our 2005 edition) offers a glimpse of can-do determination. Faced with prohibitions against rock music, bandmates Negar and Ashkan plot to leave Iran for England to make music their way. Their deliberate progress toward this elusive goal takes them through the underground rock scene in a brisk, often comical look, at a side of Iranian life seldom seen on film. 35mm, 101 min.

Sunday February 7th at 7:00PM*

TRADITION OF KILLING LOVERS (2004) Directed by Khosro Masoumi
Jailed for harvesting trees to support his family, Salar is replaced as breadwinner by his young son Jalal while Jalal's sister strains to defend her husband, a policeman, from the fury of her mother (Kheirandish) after he is forced to transport his father-in-law to prison. Masoumi undergirds his analysis of encroaching economic despair with emotional range and power. 35mm, 90 min.

* Please note the early start time.

Monday February 8th at 7:30PM

WIND BLOWS IN THE MEADOW (2008) Directed by Khosro Masoumi
After her father is injured in an accident, Shouka is dismayed to find herself betrothed to the developmentally-disabled son of one of the family's creditors. Wooed by the assistant tailor hired to make her wedding dress, Shouka sees a possible escape, but danger looms in this delicately drawn drama. 35mm, 91 min.

Preceded by...
KNOT (2006) Directed by Javat Vatani
A captivating courtship in the snow, depicting one couple's path to love—comprising many years and footsteps. DVcam, 10 min.

Friday February 12th at 7:30PM

444-DAY FACE-OFF (2008) Directed by Mohammad Shirvani
Mohammad Shirvani (7 Blind Women Filmmakers, shown in our 2009 edition) recounts the spectacular taking of the United States Embassy after the ouster of the Shah and the 444-day "hostage crisis" that followed. With tremendous access and skill, Shirvani cagily interviews actual participants, including US embassy officials and Iranian students, to reconstruct key episodes and deconstruct contentious issues. DVcam, 70 min.

COUNTDOWN (2008) Directed by Khatereh Hanachi
Along with more than a million high-school graduates, Parisa studies for difficult and competitive college entrance examinations, thought by many to be a young woman's best hope for a career in Iran. The familial and spiritual strains of this ritual are well rendered by director Khatereh Hanachi, as Parisa and her family face numerous sacrifices to realize a dream. DVcam, 50 min.

Sunday February 14th at 7:00PM*

TINAR (2007) Directed by Mahdi Moniri
A pastorale of great beauty and poignancy, Mahdi Moniri's lyrical documentary foregrounds a poor boy's resilience and courage. Young Tinar lives alone in the mountains of northern Iran. Abandoned by his recently widowed and re-married father, he supports himself as a cow herder, surviving emotionally on long-held hopes of attending school or joining urban relatives who might care for him. DVcam, 77 min.

A MAN WHO ATE HIS CHERRIES (2009) Directed by Payman Haghani
Payman Haghani's first feature concerns Reza, a factory worker who learns that he is infertile. His frustrated wife Zari files successfully for divorce and Reza has to raise money to pay back her dowry. Reduced to basics, Reza scrounges for the necessary cash until an industrial accident suddenly gives him an idea. DVcam, color and B/W, 78 min.

* Please note the early start time.

Friday February 19th at 7:30PM

MY LITTLE COUNTRY (2008) Directed by Abbas Mohammadi
The moving portrait of a school for Afghani refugee children in Iran that gives its students a place to feel safe and acknowledged, to study their shared past and dream of a return to their home country. DVcam, 26 min.

THE LEGEND OF GORDAFARID (2008) Directed by Hadi Afarideh
One woman's saga studying and performing a style of epic theater previously reserved only for men. Her fierce determination leads to some pushback, but more often wins admiration and respect. DVcam, 34 min.

FINAL FITTING (2008) Directed by Reza Haeri
A witty, personal portrait of a man who creates beautiful vestments for Iranian clerics, this entertaining short reveals the circumstances that sometimes accompany the pomp. DVcam, 30 min.

Saturday February 20th at 7:30PM

ABOUT ELLY (2009, Iran) Directed by Asghar Farhadi
Asghar Farhadi (Beautiful City, shown in our 2005 edition) returns with this captivating drama, Iran’s entry to the 2010 Academy Awards. When schoolteacher Elly is whisked away by friends on a pleasure trip to the Caspian Sea, their true agenda is revealed: to marry her off to the recently divorced Ahmad. The fib is the first of many in what soon becomes a mystery when Elly suddenly disappears. Presented in Farsi dialogue with English subtitles. 35mm, Color, 119 min.



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