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22nd Annual Silent Film Gala


Sunday, May 22nd 2011 at 6:30pm

22nd Annual Silent Film Gala

The films will include:
* Disney Trolley Troubles
* Charlie Chaplin A Dog’s Life (1918)
* Charlie Chaplin Shoulder Arms (1918)

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra proudly presents Charlie Chaplin’s extraordinary comedies, A Dog’s Life (1918) and Shoulder Arms (1918). Original Chaplin scores, restored, adapted and conducted by Timothy Brock, performed live by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

In addition to Charlie Chaplin’s A Dog’s Life and Shoulder Arms, we are happy to announce the showing of Walt Disney’s Trolley Troubles (1927). This rare, short black and white animation was directed and produced by Walt Disney and is noted for the first appearance of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a trolley conductor whose trolley goes completely out of control!

Trolley Troubles new film score by Alexander Rannie.

Dustin Hoffman, honorary chairman
Hanna M. Kennedy and Roger L. Mayer, co-chairmen

In A Dog’s Life, the Little Tramp finds companionship with two fellow outcasts – Scraps, a stray mongrel, and a young girl exploited as a hostess in a disreputable dive, The Green Lantern. With Scraps’s help he overcomes two thieves from whom he wins a well-filled wallet, which provides the three with a happy end together.

In Shoulder Arms, Charlie is recruited to the “awkward squad.” Posted to the front line in France, he encounters all the privations of trench life – snipers, flood, food rations, solitude, lice and other vermin. He meets a French girl, whom he subsequently rescues from the German troops. After assuming a series of disguises, he manages to hijack the German Kaiser along with the Crown Prince and General von Hindenburg… but then wakes up, still in the “awkward squad.”

For more information or to buy tickets, call Jacquie, Marcella or Megan in the box office at 213 622 7001 × 215.

Tickets for the film and post-film supper are available over the phone from our box office staff.

film tickets: $35, 80
film & post-film supper: $350

For more information on the Honorary Committee sponsorships and program ads, please contact Maya Kalinowski at 213 622 7001 × 204.

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