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2 Blessed 2 B Stressed


February 15th - 8:00 PM

2 Blessed 2 B Stressed

Pittsburgh artist Jacob Ciocci, one of the three primary members of the East Coast art collective Paper Rad, will present at the Cinefamily a new twenty-minute mix of original videos and animations. Jacob's work is concerned with the relationships between popular culture, technology and notions of transcendence, all mixed inside a frenzied cartoon universe that is simultaneously celebratory and critical. Jacob will also be performing "I Let My Nightmares Go" which uses a video projector and live dance moves to grapple with mental demons, Web 2.0, G.O.D., 21st-century breakdown, real lies and fake truths, cartoon violence, and awareness bracelets. In addition, San Diego-based electro-sci-fi-metal act Fortress of Amplitude will perform.
Tickets - $12



Experimental / Avant Garde