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2nd Annual Downtown Film Festival LA


August 12th - 22nd

2009 Downtown Film Festival LA

Downtown Film Festival — Los Angeles is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing cinema in the historic core of the Film Capital of the World. At the advent of cinema in U.S. in the early 20th century, downtown L.A. was the epicenter of the film industry. It boasted more "movie palaces" that anywhere else in the world. Today, while many of these architecturally significant structures no longer serve their original function, it is indeed fortunate the majority have survived intact and plans call for their total restoration.

Today, downtown L.A. is the midst of a renaissance. Always the heart of city government, the hub of transportation for the region and for decades the largest business center on the West Coast, downtown L.A. is also now the nexus of the city's creative community with artists and filmmakers rubbing shoulders with businessmen and politicians. The vibrant residential community, which lives in lofts in historic high-rises and brand new glass and steel towers, boasts the enviable median residential income of $99,000 - more than Beverly Hills.

It is in the spirit, then, of downtown L.A.'s cinematic roots and its transformation as a "new urban center" that the festival was established.

In its initial edition in 2008, Downtown Film Festival — L.A. presented more than 200 feature and short films and videos, including studio, independent, vintage and experimental motion pictures. The festival was held in venues throughout downtown Los Angeles, notably the historic Los Angeles Theatre and Orpheum Theatre, the Los Angeles Center Studio, Laemmle's Downtown Grande four-plex and SCI-Arc (the Southern Calif. Institute of Architecture).

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