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Presented by The Los Angeles 3-D Club & Produced by PassmoreLab!

MicroWorlds is a live-action 3D educational science film that explores the world of life that goes on, unseen, all around us. From the earthworms in our backyards to the alien beauty of a garden snail, MicroWorlds examines the patterns, cycles, and daily rituals that are repeated on every scale, both in nature and in the lives of all creatures. Examined closely, nature reveals these patterns through the hands of time, the rotation of our planet and the flora and fauna that surround us. The film takes an extraordinarily intimate look at these worlds of nature beneath our feet by examining the seemingly invisible domains of four insects – Earthworms, Ladybugs, Butterflies and Garden Snails – and tells the amazing stories of the daily routines of these essential creatures and the vital role they play on our planet.

Physics of Surfing is a 26-minute educational film that uncovers the physical science of ocean waves and the art of surfing. In this captivating presentation, the filmmakers explore how energy moves through water, building and combining its force, traveling thousands of miles over the course of weeks until the ocean floor underneath disrupts the wave’s formation and causes it to pitch and collapse. The film also investigates the science behind various surfing styles and how surfers instinctively address such notions of gravity and buoyancy while using the energy of motion to ride waves. Further, the film looks at how the modern technology of surfboard design affects a board’s performance on the wave. Audiences will experience the exhilaration of surfing while learning how surfers play with nature’s purest form of energy and power.

The Extreme Nature of Bats is a 22-minute 3D science film that explores not only the truths but the myths and dark legends that have been associated with bats for hundreds of years. Through the (sometimes frightening) wonders of digital 3D technology, audiences will learn that bats are unique and interesting animals; but, because of fear and misconceptions throughout history, they are also one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. The film examines several species of bats and was shot in various locations around the world. The film contains never-seen-before footage from Central Texas, a territory that contains some of the largest bat caves in the world (including maternity caves that are winter homes for millions of Mexican free-tailed bats). Other locations include Romania, to explore the origination of the legends of vampires in the historic region of Transylvania the myths and lore surrounding Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula, and the deep jungles of Mexico, to capture footage of the infamous vampire bat.