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3D Film Festival


September 20th - 22nd

3D Film Festival

The 3D Film Festival is first and foremost a celebration of the 3D filmmakers and content creators from around the world, who are deserving of both recognition and praise amongst their friends, fans and peers.

In our estimation, there is no modern-day medium as visually stimulating, cinematically challenging and emotionally rewarding as 3D. That’s why 3DFF has grown into North America’s most preeminent 3D festival, attended by thousands of filmmakers, fans, 3D technology companies, equipment manufacturers, video game designers and many others dedicated to perpetuating the art and science of 3D.

Featuring a diverse collection of both studio and independent films, the 3D Film Festival takes place in Los Angeles, California every September (in 2012, it runs from September 20-22). There are also numerous smaller events throughout the world, including a touring festival across four continents, 3D educational events, and much, much more.

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