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3rd Annual Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival 2010


April 27th - May 2nd


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The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF) is an organization dedicated to showcasing the art and talent of Brazilian film makers in Los Angeles.

The company was established in 2007 by Journalist Nazareno Paulo and Producer Meire Fernandes, and it was created to be the first genuinely Brazilian film festival in the California market.

OUR MISSION-LABRFF’s mission is to support and facilitate the Brazilian audiovisual exhibition and distribution in the United States. Moreover, to stimulate new business opportunities in the film industry. The festival has established a favorable environment to exchange information between Brazil and United States by offering panels, workshops, lectures, and networking meetings to its attendees.

The festival creates visibility and promotes the Brazilian culture throughout the most powerful medium in the world: cinema.

For businesses, the festival has been proved to be more than a marketing option, but a cultural networking opportunity for filmmakers, producers, and entrepreneurs to invest in the Brazilian audiovisual industry by partnering with its productions and establishing an efficient exchange between the professionals involved with this sector.



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