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3rd Annuial Japan Film Festival


April 10th & 11th

3rd Annual Japan Film Festival

Japan Film Festival–Los Angeles, JFFLA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering a better appreciation of contemporary Japanese culture to the Los Angeles community. Cinema is the bridge that connects us all! We are convinced that through this festival we can inspire open communication and the exchange of ideas between Japan and the U.S.

The third annual Japan Film Festival–Los Angeles will be held in April 2010. With the support of the Japanese Consulate General, the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles, numerous corporations and much of the Japan media in the Los Angeles area, we hope to continue to develop and grow together. The success of JFFLA is due to the passion and energy of all our dedicated committee members that volunteer their time thoughout the year. We’d also like to thank our volunteers, sponsors and the audience, without you, this festival would not be possible.

Please join us for a wide range of films; new and old, sad and joyful, scary and funny, and to share some good times with everyone!

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