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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: A short film evening of love disasters


Wednesday, February 9th @ 7:00pm

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: A short film evening of love disasters

Admission: $ 5

Love’s final act is quite clearly an inexhaustible source of ridiculous, poetic and experimental tales, or even satirical educational films.

Ever since March 2002, interfilm Berlin has been presenting “Shorts Attack!” a monthly program at Kino Babylon Berlin:Mitte. “Shorts Attack!” is as diverse and surprising as the short film medium itself, taking in foreign focuses, political, outrageous or seldom-seen films, film school projects, independent productions, fiction, or animation.

The driving force behind the Shorts Attack vision is the intention to further establish the presence of short film in the Berlin cinema scene.

The program has been met with great response by audiences and media alike.

This Valentines Day Special includes:

12 Jahre / 12 Years
Daniel Nocke, Germany 2009 animation, German, 4 mins
For twelve years, she has ignored hostility and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake. She is drawing painful conclusions from the time she shared with her ex.

Antje and us
Feliz Stienz, Deutschland 2007, Kurzfilm Deutsch mit engl. Untertiteln, 12 min.
"Boah. She looked stunning. That's when I saw her for the first time and I was thinking, just like in the movies." Eight young persons tell from theit lives. Oddly enough a women named Antje plays a part in every story...

Val Dood! / Drop Dead!
Arne Toonen, Netherlands 2009, short fiction, Dutch with English subtitles, 9 mins
Fons is about to embark upon his first parachute jump. What begins as an exciting adventure takes a nightmarish turn, when his instructor shows signs of suicidal behavior.

James Pilkington, Great Britain 2000, short fiction, English, 10 mins A man struggles to choose between the two loves of his life, one is real and the other imaginary.
A story of love, betrayal, sex, music and nipple clamps.

Ten thousand pictures of you
Robin King, Great Britain 2006, experimental film, without dialogue, 3 mins
An exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the animated pictures of Sarah's world, as she takes revenge on the man who broke her heart!

Separation Agency
Shane Martin, Ireland 2009, short fiction, English, 5 mins
Rob wakes up one morning to find out that his girlfriend has dumped him, with the news being delivered in the strangest way possible.

Big Girl
Renuka Jeyapalan, Canada 2008, short film, English, 14 mins
Playfully competing with mom´s new boyfriend, nine-year-old Josephine learns that letting people in can lead to wonderful things.

Charles Barker, Great Britain 2000, short fiction, English, 3 mins
Splitting up is never easy. Jack wants to end things with Sarah. Or does he? When he tries to finish his relationship, his life spins out of control (literally).

Diez Minutos / Ten Minutes
Alberto Ruiz Rojo, Spain 2004, short fiction, Spanish with English subtitles, 15 mins
A stubborn operator refuses to reveal the number of a man's lover, and the race against time begins.



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