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5th Annual Focus on Female Directors


5th Annual Focus on Female Directors

Thursday, January 14th - 7:30 PM

5th Annual Focus on Female Directors:

Jane Campion's "Peel" (Australia, 1982, 8 min.)
This classic Palme d' Or-winning film about a dysfunctional family car trip is also known as "An Exercise in Discipline."

Robyn Simms’ "Sisyphus" (USA, 2009, 1 min.)
This documentary explores the musings of a very young man.

Janet Grillo's "Flying Lessons" (USA, 2008, 15 min.)
Dana Delany stars in this moving story about a single mother and her autistic son.

Steph Green's "New Boy" (Ireland, 2007, 11 min.)
Based on a Roddy Doyle short story, this Oscar-nominated short follows an immigrant schoolboy.

Patricia Cardoso's "The Air Globes" (USA, 1990, 12 min.)
A rare early piece from the director of REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES.

Jessica Yu's "The Kinda Sutra" (USA, 2009, 8 min.)
Yu's latest work explores youthful misconceptions about a universal question: How are babies made?

Katie Wolfe's "This Is Her" (New Zealand, 2009, 12 min.)
A woman giving birth foretells her family's future.

Juanita Wilson’s "The Door" (Ireland, 2009, 17 min.)
A father’s desperate attempt to come to terms with the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; this film just made the short list for Oscar nomination.

Discussion to follow with Patricia Cardoso, Robyn Simms and Janet Grillo. All ticket buyers eligible to enter a free drawing for a director empowerment bag.



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