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9th Annual Venice Film Festival


Thursday, January 5th @ 6:00pm

The 9th Annual Venice Film Festival

The cornerstone of the festival as it moves toward its second decade of life is the loosely configured documentary Venice Film History (2011), a collection of footage from the archives of Venice historian Mary Jane. The ninth of her documentaries on the city by the sea, it's a time capsule stuffed with snippets of life on the boardwalk -- stretching back to a century ago -- as well as interviews with longtime Venetians.

Also on the bill: filmmaker Gerry Fialka's Live Evil (inspired by Miles Davis' 1971 jazz-funk fusion album Live-Evil) a meditation on evil and the live music that accompanies silent films. Included in the screenings are performances by Venice pianist and Rickie Lee Jones muse Alfred Johnson, performer-poet Linda Albertano, Venice Beach guitarist Peter Demian and the ever-mysterious "more."



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