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A Cinefamily Valentine’s: Wendy Clarke’s Love Tapes & Casablanca


Thursday, February 14 - 8:00 PM

A Cinefamily Valentine's: Wendy Clarke's Love Tapes & Casablanca

The Love Tapes by Wendy Clarke (1979-present, video)

What better way to appreciate Valentine’s Day than with The Love Tapes, conceived and collected by acclaimed video artist Wendy Clarke (daughter of filmmaker Shirley Clarke). For almost 30 years, Clarke has accumulated over eight hundred short videotapes, in which people share their personal experiences with, beliefs about, and definitions of, love. Each Love Tape is roughly three minutes long, and recorded by the participant in a small kiosk, with background music of their own choosing, saying whatever they want on the subject. On Valentine’s Day, we’ll share some of the cherished, revealing results, viewing not only a selection of Wendy’s own favorites tapes from years past, but new ones we're making here at the Silent Movie Theatre. That’s right, this night is participatory. We will be hosting a kiosk in the weeks leading up to the screening to record new tapes, so members of our very own Cinefamily can be included. Filled with humor, tears, and humanity, the tapes create a moving, and, dare-we-say, lovely program.

And then…if that’s not romantic enough…we’ll show the most romantic movie of all time. Co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum.

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After some rigorous research, our in-house think-tank has determined that there really is nothing original left to say about Casablanca. Still, we wouldn’t mind seeing it a few thousand more times, and we feel lucky as hell to be screening, on Valentine’s Day, the greatest romance ever committed to film. Whether you’re viewing it for the first time or you have its infinitely-quotable dialogue burned into your grey matter, the experience of Casablanca is potently satisfying on so many levels (comedic, philosophical, romantic, visual, verbal, political, musical, etc etc) that its presence is guaranteed on every film-related top-10 list conceived since its 1942 release. So, like all great love songs, we play it again. Dir: Michael Curtiz, 1942, 35mm, 102 min.
Tickets - $10