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Saturday, September 3rd @ 7:00PM

$10/free for members

A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE (cast & crew in person)

“Director Adam Wingard’s award-winning indie is perhaps the best portrait of a serial killer since, well, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.” — FEARnet The 21st-century indie film resurgence has been big on both the horror film and the intimate, character-driven “mumblecore” sub-genre; A Horrible Way To Die, the brand-new festival hit directed by Adam Wingard (and co-starring indie stalwart Joe Swanberg), breathes fantastic life into an exciting cross-pollination: mumblegore. The film follows a former alcoholic re-entering the dating world after a trying time with her ex — a fellow who just happens to have been a notorious mass murderer that’s just escaped police custody. Wingard smartly turns the serial killer genre on its head by paying the same attention to detail in scenes of domesticity as he does to the moments of nervous terror; the film’s dating scenes are treated as they would be if this was Half Nelson, in a naturalistic attempt to explore the characters’ very real emotional world. Be one of the very first to catch this unique horror hybrid! Q&A with director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett to follow after the screening!