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Thursday, May 10th @ 7:30pm

Presented in collaboration with Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Institut français, and the French Film and TV Office of the French Consulate in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Janus Films for this brand-new 35mm print, which required extensive restoration from a camera negative.


1956, Janus Films, 95 min, France, Dir: Robert Bresson

François Truffaut pronounced A MAN ESCAPED “the most important film of the last 10 years” when it was first released; for many critics, including Jonathan Rosenbaum, it continues to maintain its reputation as the pinnacle of Bresson’s cinema. Based on resistance leader Andre Dévigny’s account of his escape from the Nazi prison at Montluc just hours before he was to be executed - and on Bresson’s own memories of his 18-month confinement in a German POW camp during the war - the film is legendary for the authenticity of its setting, the rigor with which Bresson recreates the painstaking preparations for escape, and the use of Mozart’s C Minor Mass to elevate the grueling routines of life. A work of metaphysical suspense and resolute beauty. In French with English subtitles.



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