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Thursday, January 27th @ 8:00pm

A Thousand Clowns
(co-star Barry Gordon in person!)

Co-presented by The Sound Of Young America

In one of his most memorable and beloved turns, Jason Robards stars in this ‘60s NYC non-conformist classic as quick-witted Murray, a former television writer who’s chosen to drop out of conventional society, and who struggles to come to terms with growing up -- something he must do if he wants to stop the Child Welfare Board from taking away his adopted son Nick (played by a precociously talented Barry Gordon.) This lost comedy jewel, written by legendary playwright Herb Gardner, is a treasure trove of buoyant performances from not only Robards and Gordon, but also Gene Saks as a howlingly inept kids’ TV clown host, Martin Balsam (who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role) as Robards' put-upon brother, and quirky Barbara Harris as the social case worker who falls for Robards’ charming devil-may-care layabout. Join Jesse Thorn, host of public radio’s "The Sound Of Young America", as he presents his all-time favorite film, followed by an on-stage Q&A with Barry Gordon (now a radio talk show host himself!)
Dir. Fred Coe, 1965, 118 min.

Tickets - $10/free for members