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A Thrift Store Movie Xmas


Saturday, December 15th at 8:00pm

The Coalition for Cinematic Conservation and Preservation – Southern California Chapter and the Echo Park Film Center are proud to Present A Thrift Store Movie Xmas. Inoculate yourself for the holiday season with a burst of vernacular surrealism from the CCCP-SCC has assembled a spectacular mosaic of cartoons, television specials, musical numbers, and feature film excerpts that explore the weird side of Yuletide. Highlights include “Santa Claus,” a dubbed Mexican kiddie film from 1960 in which Santa battles the Devil, the infamous “lost” Star Wars Holiday special, local glam evangelist Miss Velma, cable access musical performances, and Christmas adventures from Benji, the Mirthworms, HeMan & SheRa, and Garfield, and much more.

As always, special refreshments and amazing door prizes will abound. Join the wacky festivities! CURATORS IN ATTENDANCE! LAST EVENT OF 2007!