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A Throw Of Dice (w/ live score by Nishat Khan & Jimmy Rip)


Sunday, May 10th @ 8:00 PM

A Throw Of Dice (w/ live score by Nishat Khan & Jimmy Rip)

Nishat Khan, one of the world's greatest living sitar virtuosos, accompanied by consummate guitarist and bandleader Jimmy Rip (returning to the Cinefamliy stage after his triumphant night with Tom Verlaine), provide a live score for this recently restored 1929 silent classic. A Throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash) is the third film in a pioneering trilogy of silent films made through a unique partnership between German director Franz Osten and Indian actor-producer Himansu Rai, whose films combined documentary techniques with narratives derived from Indian myths and legends. Based upon a section of the epic poem The Mahabharata, A Throw of Dice follows royal cousins Sohat and Rajit, neighboring rulers who have in common a love of gambling, tiger hunting....and same damsel Sunita. Soon they're friendship turns to rivalry. Shot on location in Rajasthan with an extravagance that could only be matched by Cecil B. Demille, the film features over ten thousand extras and an impressive array of horses, elephants and tigers. Its star actors all had major careers in Indian cinema and remain legendary and much-loved figures. A Throw Of Dice is both a sumptuous epic and an intimate romantic drama, and Nishat Khan's new score for the film will transplant you to lush, faraway kingdoms of the imagination.
Dir. Franz Osten, 1929, digital presentation, 74 min.
Co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum, Dublab and L.A. Record

Tickets - $18



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