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A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, Jr.


Sunday, January 10th @ 8:00 PM

Neil Hamburger presents
A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Now that James Brown (R.I.P.) has hung up his crown, legendary stand-up comedian Neil Hamburger has surely earned the title of "The Hardest Working Man In Show Business." For the past thirty-seven years, Hamburger has logged thousands of shows in all four corners of the world, appearing in engagements everywhere from the prestigious "Fire & Ice" room at the Doubletree Inn in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to the Phoenix Greyhound Park racetrack in Phoenix, AZ. One of Hamburger's idols and mentors has been one of the celebrity offspring greats and an enigma in the world of popular music, Frank Sinatra Jr. Hamburger says: "Frank Jr. has an intense stage presence unlike any I have ever encountered. Like his father, there is a lifetime of regret, disappointment, and longing in every note that comes out of his mouth -- but with a career shattered by unjustified critical malevolence and public indifference, Frank Jr.'s experiences are drawn from a completely different well. To hell with today's slovenly singer-songwriter scam-artists! If you're looking for an amazingly gifted vocalist who puts every ounce of his experience into every word he sings, Sinatra Jr. is your man." In honor of Frank Jr.'s birthday, Hamburger has assembled this evening of rare, vintage Frank Jr. TV variety specials and film appearances!

Tickets - $14/free for members