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Abbott & Costello Double Creature Feature


Friday, October 31 – 7:30 PM

Abbott & Costello Double Creature Feature:

ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948, Universal, 83 min. Dir. Charles Barton. The apex of Bud Abbott’s and Lou Costello’s careers, and the finest horror-comedy ever made (at least until YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN). The boys are baggage clerks who accidentally set loose Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula; werewolf Larry Talbot (in a relatively heroic mode) tries to convince them that the Count intends to give Lou’s brain to the monster! (Like that’d be an improvement.) The baddies play it straight in this truly exceptional spoof, which also stars Bela Lugosi (in his second and final appearance as Dracula), Lon Chaney Jr. (fifth and final as Talbot) and Glenn Strange (third and final as the monster), as well as Jane Randolph, Lenore Aubert and Frank Ferguson.

ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KILLER, BORIS KARLOFF, 1949, Universal, 84 min. Dir. Charles Barton. Probably the only film to contain three stars’ names in the title! A diverting whodunit spoof (originally conceived for Bob Hope) with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello as a hotel detective and a bellboy who discover a murdered bigwig in his room -- and Lou’s the main suspect, despite seven other guests with actual motives! Boris Karloff, who missed out on A&C MEET FRANKENSTEIN, plays a swami who tries to hypnotize Lou in one of the film’s most side-splitting scenes. Also on hand are Lenore Aubert, Alan Mowbray, Roland Winters (who was concurrently playing Charlie Chan at Monogram) and Percy Helton.