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Adam Rifkin In-Person! Double Feature


Thursday, April 24 – 7:30 PM

Adam Rifkin In-Person! Double Feature:

THE DARK BACKWARD, 1991, New Line Cinema, 101 min. Dir. Adam Rifkin. Judd Nelson and Bill Paxton head up an eclectic cast (it also includes Rob Lowe, Wayne Newton, and James Caan) in this offbeat cult favorite. Nelson is Marty Malt, a garbage man who dreams of becoming the next Jay Leno; the only problem is, his very strange buddy (Paxton) is the only person who finds his jokes funny. When Marty grows an arm on his back, however, the new appendage works its way into his act and brings him a strange sort of comic success.

DETROIT ROCK CITY, 1999, New Line Cinema, 95 min. Adam Rifkin pays tribute to the teenage love of rock and roll in this ode to Kiss, the 1970's, and ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL. Edward Furlong heads up a group of four boys who get more and more desperate to see their favorite band in concert every time someone or something tries to stop them. As they attempt to get to a Kiss show, they undergo various rites of passage, all to the tune of a killer rock soundtrack.

Discussion in between films with director Adam Rifkin and Bill Paxton.