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Wednesday, March 23rd @ 7:30pm at Agoura Hills Stadium 8 - Agoura Hills
Friday, April 1st @ Midnight at Academy Cinemas - Pasadena

Insomniac Cinema! - One Show Only!

This is a spoof of the airport disaster movies. When the crew of an airplane are struck by some form of virus, the fate of the passengers depends on an ex-war pilot who is the only one able to land the plane safely! The passengers represent a selection of interesting wacky characters who seem to take every word for its literal meaning.

Starring: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Julie Hagerty, Robert Hays, Leslie Nielsen, Lorna Patterson, Robert Stack, Stephen Stucker, Otto
Directed by: Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, David Zucker
Written by: Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, David Zucker