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Monday October 18th 2010, 7:30PM (Free Admission)

Restored by Academy Film Archive

AKRAN (1969) Directed by Richard Myers
Ohio-based avant-garde filmmaker Richard Myers calls his work "dream films," and so it is with this his first feature film. A collage of images of restless youth, landscapes of alienation, the Vietnam War, consumer civilization and overt racism, Akran is non-narrative but deeply connected to our collective unconsciousness. Amos Vogel described it as "a Joyce-like, dense and somber mosaic of memory and sensory impressions, a texture instead of a plot, a dream-like flow of visually-induced associations." Writing in 1969, Roger Ebert effused that Akran "is the single most important event of this year's Chicago Film Festival, Akran is so good, so inventive, so radically original, that it may even be flatly rejected by the audience... It is beyond our previous experience.'' The problems of restoring such a heterogeneous work are manifold. 16mm, B/W, 118 min.

IN PERSON: Mark Toscano, preservationist, Academy Film Archive.



Experimental / Avant Garde