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All Sports LA Film Festival


Saturday, July 11th

All Sports LA Film Festival

Whether it is a dramatic or comedic piece, we want screenwriters and filmmakers to share their great stories in regards to the world of sports. We felt that creating this festival would give the many sports fanatics out there an outlet for their love of competition.

Some people have asked us to define "sports." Well, we want to include any subject matter that deals with mental and physical competition for the sake of winning a prize (and not killing anyone along the way to do it). So we're ready to watch and read any stories from auto racing to badminton and spelling bees to chess.

The festival will be held at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood on July 11th. We plan to have an opening reception along with the showing of several shorts and a feature. Our second day will be filled with awesome films, shorts and documentaries.

Our jury and judges are well respected people in the film and sporting industry. Having your film or screenplay in the festival may open doors that may not be available to you. We can’t promise sudden fame and fortune but we’ll do our best to get you noticed.

This is the first year of the festival but we hope it's the first of many.

Official Site

Raleigh Film Hollywood
5300 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, Ca 90038



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