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American Nightmare


October 20th @ 8:00 PM

American Nightmare

A different kind of terror, American Nightmare (aka Combat Shock) is a gritty post-Eraserhead exploration of the horrors of reality. No monsters, no vampires, no masked slashers -- this film relies on war, junkies, muggings and waiting in line at the welfare office to carry and punctuate its nihilistic saga of a Vietnam vet's desperate pursuit to save his wife and mutant Agent Orange-poisoned child from the horrors of poverty and urban squalor. Ending with one of the most brutal climaxes ever committed to celluloid, it is an unforgiving and controversial masterpiece. Director Buddy Giovinazzo will bring his original uncut 16mm answer print, a batch of early shorts he made, and join us for a Q & A!
Dir. Buddy Giovinazzo, 1986, 16mm, 92 min.

Tickets - $12