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An Evening in the Farmer Dave Zone


September 15th @ 8:00 PM

An Evening in the Farmer Dave Zone

We are proud to announce Flash Forward To The Good Times , a special celebratory event to commemorate the debut solo album from Farmer Dave Scher of Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio fame. A sweet West Coast journey with special guests like members of Entrance, VietNam, Jonathan Wilson, Devendra Banhart , and producer Thom Monahan, Flash Forward is good times from start to finish. Scher blends country with psych, soul, surf, and a tinge of Burt Bacharach, featuring gems like the big band opener "Bab'lone Nights" and the head-sway vibes of the album's title track. Flash forward with this evening full of curated short films, a performance from Dave himself, and limited-edition giveaways.
Tickets - $13



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