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Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese: Political Advertisement VII


Monday, October 21st 2008 at 8:30 PM

Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese: Political Advertisement VII (1952–2008)
Los Angeles Premiere | 2008

"By running these spots back-to-back without commentary, Muntadas and Reese allow their all-star cast (Eisenhower! Nixon! Ford! Reagan! Bush!) to dig their own graves (and ours) in primetime." San Francisco Cinematheque

With each presidential election since 1984, Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese have compiled a new edition of Political Advertisement, a historical survey of television campaign spots from 1952 to the present. This compelling anthology, updated to include advertisements from this year’s presidential campaign, charts the selling of the American presidency in the media age. Muntadas and Reese weave a revelatory social and media history that shows the ways in which campaign advertising has become political strategy and manipulative marketing technique. Muntadas’s works, extending from video to publishing to multimedia installations, have been internationally recognized for their biting examinations of the media as an instrument of socialization and normalization. Reese is a video artist and poet who, in addition to his collaborations with Muntadas, teams up with artist Nora Ligorano as the duo Ligorano/Reese.

In person: Antoni Muntadas, Marshall Reese



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