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Archive Documentary Spotlight -  MY NEIGHBOR, MY KILLER


Wednesday May 12th at 7:30PM (Free Admission)

MY NEIGHBOR, MY KILLER (2009, United States/France) Directed by Anne Aghion
Director Anne Aghion's moving documentary offers an intimate look at a rarely-recorded event: the proceedings of the "Gacaca," a system of open-air courts in post-genocidal Rwanda in which killers are returned home in exchange for confessions. In a small hamlet, Aghion, who has spent 10 years following this story, profiles four survivors, both Hutu and Tutsi, who speak of past horrors with heart-rending difficulty as they struggle with the realities of peaceful coexistence.

Presented in English and Kinyarwanda dialogue with English subtitles. DigiBeta, 80 min.

IN PERSON: Director Anne Aghion