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Archive Preview - DEPARTURES


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Monday May 18th at 7:30PM

DEPARTURES (Okuribito) (2008, Japan)
Directed by Yojiro Takita
Before it became the surprise Oscar winner for the best foreign language film at this year's Academy Awards, director Yojiro Takita's Departures had already racked up a hefty number of trophies in its native Japan, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor prizes from the Japan Academy and the Kinema Junpo Awards. It's easy to see why. Director Takita brings a delicate, graceful touch to the deeply human story of a man whose appreciation for life is renewed through his unusually intimate contact with grief and death. Aspiring cellist Daigo (Motoki) is forced to confront the limits of his talent after the symphony he played for shuts down and the limits of his compassion after he lands a new job. Mistakenly assuming that a "help wanted" ad's reference to working with "departures" means the job has something to do with travel, Daigo is informed, after he's hired, by his canny new boss, Sasaki (Yamazaki), that he will in fact be assisting with the ceremonial preparation of the newly "departed." Shocked and hesitant, at first, Daigo gradually takes great satisfaction in the comfort his work brings to those left behind. But when his wife--whom he's kept in the dark about his job--discovers what he does, Daigo suddenly finds himself at a crossroads once again. Presented in Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. 35mm, 130 min.



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