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Archive Previews - A FILM UNFINISHED



Monday August 2nd at 7:30PM

A FILM UNFINISHED (2009, Germany/Israel) Directed by Yael Hersonski
Yael Hersonski's powerful, award-winning documentary penetrates the meaning of another non-fiction work: a now-infamous Nazi-produced film about the Warsaw Ghetto. Discovered after the war, the unfinished production was taken as an authentic—if propagandistic—record of life in the Ghetto until the discovery of a missing reel complicated earlier readings. Hersonski uses the film's footage and interviews with ghetto survivors—as well as one of the original cameramen—to explore the power of images and its use by the Nazi state. Presented in German, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Polish dialogue with English subtitles. 35mm, B/W and color, 88 min.



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