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Saturday July 25th at 7:30PM

The "Famous Bouncing Ball" cuts loose again in this special program of Fleischer sing-along "Screen Songs." The Fleischer Brothers, Max and Dave, introduced their first sing-along shorts series, "Song Car-Tunes," in 1924, which invited audiences to participate in the performance of popular songs accompanied by theater organists with the addition of an animated bouncing ball to traditional "song slides." The new touch proved wildy successful and Max Fleischer even went so far as to patent his bouncing ball animation system in 1925. A year later, the Fleischers teamed up with sound film pioneer Lee DeForest to release a number of "Song Car-Tunes" with synchronized sound, beating Walt Disney's Steamboat Willy (1928) to the gate by two years. In 1929, the Fleischers retooled the ever-popular series as "Screen Songs," combining its uniquely, madcap animation style with live-action sequences featuring music stars under contract to Paramount. Tonight's selection of "Screen Songs" from between 1929 and 1934 includes some of the Fleischers' zaniest, anything goes animation and performances by Lillian Roth, Ethel Merman, Richard Himber and His Ritz Carlton Orchestra, Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals and The Stoopnocrats. So come on down and "follow the bouncing ball!"

AIN'T SHE SWEET (1933) Directed by Dave Fleischer
Lillian Roth swings "Ain't She Sweet" with a menagerie of rambunctious critters at a barn dance. 35mm, B/W, 8 min.

DOWN AMONG THE SUGAR CANE (1932) Directed by Dave Fleischer
Sing-along with Lillian Roth and your sweetness down among the sugar cane. 35mm, B/W, 8 min.

YOU TRY SOMEBODY ELSE (1932) Directed by Dave Fleischer
A madcap prison break frames Ethel Merman's rendition of "You Try Somebody Else." 35mm, B/W, 7 min.

AFTER THE BALL (1929) Directed by Dave Fleischer
Take a nostalgic trip back to Tin Pan Alley and Fleischer's rough-hewn animation style with this ode to the composer of "After the Ball." 16mm, B/W, 5 min.

COME TAKE A TRIP IN MY AIRSHIP (1930) Directed by Dave Fleischer
The song may be an old chestnut but the Fleischers put a comically inventive spin on the bouncing ball as a cat and her beau trip the light fantastic from syllable to syllable. 16mm, B/W, 7 min.

IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME (1930) Directed by Dave Fleischer
It's summer time and vacationing zoo animals are off to the park to sing! 16mm, B/W, 7 min.

BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON (1931) Directed by Dave Fleischer
A mischievous full moon sparks the ire of amorous couples before one of the Fleischers more dazzling animated sing-along sequences. 35mm, B/W, 7 min.

LAZYBONES (1934) Directed by Dave Fleischer
Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals delivery a curbside all-harmonica rendition of "Lazybones" after a Fleischer-esque day at the races. 35mm, 9 min.

STOOPNOCRACY (1933) Directed by Dave Fleischer
Locked away in an insane asylum, Col. Stoopnagle and Budd, of The Stoopnocrats, introduce a few inventions for getting people to sing in the theater. 35mm, B/W, 11 min.

Total running time: approx. 70 min.



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