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Archive Treasures-2 Docs by Robert Kaylor


September 11, 2011 - 7:00 pm


In-person: Filmmaker Robert Kaylor.

DERBY (1972) Directed by Robert Kaylor
What begins as a Maysles-inspired documentary about professional roller derby morphs into a fascinating portrait of a quintessential American dreamer the second that Midwestern machinist Michael Snell appears on screen. Snell aspires to derby fame, but when filmmaker Robert Kaylor turns his camera on the swaggering 23-year-old, he discovers a man more devoted to constructing a self-justifying fantasy of success, than achieving success itself. 16mm, color, 91 min.

MAX OUT (1970) Directed by Robert Kaylor
Filmmaker Robert Kaylor’s debut feature follows an African American ex-con struggling to re-adapt to the everyday world. Unable to find work, he takes up with a gay man for shelter, telling his friends it’s just a hustle, as he circles ever-closer back to his old ways. With hand-held camera work, Kaylor captures the grit and grind of the life with his all-amateur cast adding to the film’s striking authenticity. 16mm, b/w, 45 min.